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DigiSync Electric Room Slide System with On board Diagnostics


DigiSync™ is a dual arm in frame electric room slide system that digitally synchronizes slide arms without the use of cross shafts, hydraulic fluid, or any other mechanics. The patented system eliminates out-of-square rooms and cross shaft wind-up, often associated with other room slide systems.

  • No Cross Shaft: Weight saving feature adds room design freedom.
  • Powerful High Torque Motor: Maintenance-free permanent magnet dc-gear motor moves heavy rooms smoothly, quietly.
  • Friendly Operation: Convenient key pad provides operation and diagnostic control.
  • On board Diagnostics : Advanced on board diagnostics means service technicians can easily troubleshoot a problem from thousands of miles away.
  • Low Amp Draw: Draws only 40 amps at full load. Most operation under 30 amps. Easy on batteries.
  • Manual Override: Semi-manual override mode allows user to bring one arm at a time in using key pad. Also includes full-manual operation with hand cranks.

Digi Sync Room Slide Operating Instructions

Power Gear Slideout System


The Power Gear Slideout System is a rack and pinion design operated by a 12 Volt DC electric motor. It consists of four major components:

  • Inner rail assemblies are designed to support the room weight.
  • A 12 volt DC gear motor will operate the room using power from the on-board unit battery.
  • Slideout systems are equipped with a manual override that allows you to extend / retract the room in the event of loss of power.
  • A specially designed control that gives the user full control of the room movement, in or out. The control has a load sensing capability that stops the motor when the room reaches its fully extended or retracted positions.

Power Gear room slide out system come in different configurations depending on the weight of the room and the distance you want to extend the room. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Electric Slideout System Operations Manual (download our pdf)



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