Conversion FAQ

Norden Wheelchair Conversion FAQ's

General Conversion Questions

What is the required head room for a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

Check the seated height from the floor to the top of the wheelchair occupant's head or headrest, whichever is higher.
With a further allowance for movement during travel, this gives you an indication on what the minimum height will
need to be.

One of my wheelchair restraints is damaged, can I still continue to use it?

If your wheelchair restraints are compromised in any way, please contact Norden for a replacement immediately.
Our in-house sales team can assist and arrange for a replacement to be sent out. 

Are we able to arrange for a Norden Mobility Consultant to conduct a product familiarisation session on our wheelchair accessible vehicle?


Norden is pleased to offer comprehensive product familiarisation sessions for individuals or organisations in need
of a refresher course in the proper use of wheelchair restraints and wheelchair lifts.

Please contact us to arrange a mobility consultant to visit you.

Do we need to use the wheelchair Occupant Seatbelt provided by Norden?


Even if the wheelchair has its own lap belt or harness, these are primarily designed for posture and have not been
crash tested. The use of the Sure-Lok occupant lap or lap sash belt provided is a must when traveling in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Which vehicle is best to modify for wheelchair access?

The one that closely suits your needs the best. No vehicle manufacturer produces a vehicle to suit all
wheelchair occupant needs.
Many standard production designs are modified. People movers look less like a 'wheelchair van',
but the headroom and access is not there. Larger vans have the headroom and access, but will be affected by strong crosswinds and size can be disconcerting at first. A compromise is needed between the two.

How much does a wheelchair conversion / modification cost?

It really depends on what we start with and what you wish for. A standard commercial van may need headlining,
windows, air conditioning, flooring, wall coverings and additional seating. This is before the wheelchair access modifications start. This is obviously a worse-case scenario, but keep these issues in mind when selecting a vehicle for wheelchair access.

Side entry or rear entry wheelchair conversion?

Again, individual circumstances will most probably dictate this decision. Side entry is a positive for entering the vehicle from the footpath, or from the side of the driveway. Most UVL designs are for side entry only, so the
wheelchair lift is fitted under the vehicle, not taking up internal space. Parking can be problem, especially if someone has parked beside you in the shopping centre, also gutter height should also be taken into consideration. 

Internal wheelchair lift vs External wheelchair lift?

The majority of external lifts are essentially freight tailgate loaders converted for wheelchair use. They are not fully automatic, so some lifting is involved in stowing and deploying the lift. It is exposed to the elements. Platform tends to get dirty and wet on rainy, wet days. Internal lifts are not the rattle cages they were 20 years ago.
The designs of today have incorporated safety and ride comfort in a specific transit access design.
They are fully automatic and come in variety of sizes and designs.

What is the required floor space in a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

A typical wheelchair size would be 1200mm x 700mm. Plus attachments such as Trays, Oxygen feeds, arm rests etc.
Allow for this area when designing the floor plan for your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

My new Braun wheelchair lift does not work, what can I do?

Please take the time to do these simple checks

  • Please ensure the power switch is in the ON position 
  • If your wheelchair lift is still not working, please check the emergency stop button:
    • Ensure that the yellow strip is still visible below the red button.
    • If the emergency stop button is engaged and the yellow strip is not visible the lift will not work. If this occurs, pull the red button up until the yellow strip is visible.


If your wheelchair lift is still not operational, please contact us on ‚Äč(03) 9793 1066 and ask for our service division!