ADEC & Norden

ADEC & Norden

The commitment Norden delivers to the marketplace also extends to our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Norden believes in a strong community network and this is driven from the very top and thoroughly supported throughout our business. 

ADEC (Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities)

ADEC is a registered not-for-profit Disability, Aged Care, and Advocacy provider, specialising in serving people from ethnic backgrounds. Since 1982 we have been advocating for and empowering people living with a disability, the aging population, their families, and carers. At ADEC, we uphold the values of empathy, diversity, integrity, loyalty, equality, and respect in all that we do.

What makes ADEC special:

  • Not-for-profit serving the community for over 42 years
  • Specialists in supporting ethnic communities
  • Offer personalised services – we tailor our services according to our client’s unique needs
  • We speak your language – we can arrange for Interpreters for free
  • We strive to personality match our Support workers with our clients for a more personalised experience

Contact us: To find out more about how ADEC can help you, please call us at (03) 9480 7000 or visit 

Since 1982, a leading provider of Victoria’s Culturally Diverse Communities for:
Disability Support, Aged Care Services, Advocacy Support, and Community Services.

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