Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts

To provide you with more options for more vehicles we have access to the largest wheelchair lift manufacturers in the world. Whether your vehicle is small, medium or large we have a lift that will suit. As safety is paramount our wheelchair lift range has been carefully engineered to work within limited parameters to give you unlimited potential. The wheelchair lifts listed below is only a select few of the products we have to offer, please enquire with one of our friendly sales staff about other lift options that will be suited to your vehicle and individual needs. 

Wheelchair Ramps & Lifts: Braun Ability Lift Models  

Vista Series

The Vista lift provides a clear picture of what mobility can be. With its unique stacking platform, the lift stows at a lower height than traditional wheelchair lifts, giving you a greater visibility out of the window. It's truly mobility with a view. The Vista Series can be installed in a wide variety of full-size vans or vehicles without raised doors or roofs, giving you a better fit in your garage. The Vista series provides a clear vision and a clear choice.

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Wheelchair Ramps: Braun Ability Vista Series

Millennium Series

The Millennium series lifts are manufactured for strength and dependability. Designed for installation in the side or rear door of a full-size van or bus, this lift series has been engineered to ensure the quietest possible riding environment with Braun’s Quiet Ride® system. With three standard models and platform lengths, this ensures there is a lift to suit your needs. With so much riding on your personal mobility, you can’t afford to take chances. You can trust the time-tested Millennium Series to get you there on time, every time.

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Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps: Braun Ability Millennium Series

Global Series

The Global series includes such features as:

  • fully automatic lift, operated by an attendant  
  • parallel arm lift with hydraulic cylinders
  • hand-help control box for easy operation of the lift
  • side or rear door application 
  • solid stacking and telescopic platforms available
  • new baseplate design cuts lift weight and allow for quicker and easier service of hydraulic hose
  • pump design prevents the platform from folding when occupied
  • dual handrails for security and convenience
  • spring-loaded outboard barrier
  • automatic mechanical inboard barrier (IB), ensuring extra safety for the wheelchair occupant
  • integrated back-up pump
  • equipped with an anti-rattle feature to avoid unpleasant noise in the vehicle during transit
  • durable high-gloss powder coated finish
  • Lift-Tite system stows the lift platform securely while the vehicle is in transit
  • pump module with removable cover offers easy access to all components
  • lift power on/off switch

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​​​Wheelchair lifts and ramps: Braun Ability Global Series

Century Series 

The century is an ideal lift for those looking to have a long platform in smaller vehicles. It also includes such features as:

  • Lights to illuminate platform area
  • lit hand pendant for easy operation in low light conditions
  • cycle counter to monitor lift usage
  • locking inboard barrier to prevent impact with vehicle
  • automatic roll stop to prevent unintended platform exit
  • bridging feature automatically stops platform at curb or ground level 
  • automatic floor level mechanism to stop platform when passenger is aboard
  • locking handrails to promote a secure lift when not in use
  • interlocks include a positive input required for lift operation and ground outputs for stowed and not stowed lift states
  • designed for side or rear door installations

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Wheelchair lifts and ramps: Braun Ability Century Series

UVL Series

Under Vehicle Lifts allow full entry access with unobstructed visibility for both driver and passengers. The UVL retracts into a weathertight enclosure and remains out of your way until needed. The doorway has no obstacles, which provides easy access through the entry and leaving the interior of the van uncompromised. With a number of different models capable of several floor-to-ground heights, there is a UVL designed to suit your needs.

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Wheelchair lifts and ramps: Braun Ability UVL Series