Norden Service

Norden Service

An access modification vehicle is a valuable asset and as such should be maintained to ensure longevity and safety. The Norden Service team of qualified service technicians can keep your wheelchair hoists and securement system safe and in working order to keep you on the road.  

  • The Norden Service Division is located at our Dandenong Facility where we can accommodate servicing and major repairs to wheelchair hoists.

  • We also have a fleet of mobile units providing on site servicing and minor repairs throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area. 
  • Norden Service also covers rural Victoria and parts of southern New South Wales, Canberra and the Greater Mt Gambier region.

  • We have access to an extensive range of spare parts for most popular brands of wheelchair hoists and restraint systems.

  • Regular maintenance of your equipment will prevent the unexpected inconvenience of downtime 
  • ​To organise a scheduled servicing program for your wheelchair accessible vehicle, or if you have any questions regarding your vehicle please don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our FAQs
  • email us at:
  • Alternatively call us on: (03) 9793 1066 and ask for our service division!