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Norden Design and Engineering

Norden engineering and design team have decades of expertise in the transportation industry, we have serviced this part of the industry since 1959.

Our design team have the expertise to make use of all latest 3D design software and skills to achieve the best possible outcomes for customers, this includes simulation and analysis software

Norden’s engineering team have always designed with the belief for maximum safety, value for money, quality and ease of production methods. This mindset is evident in the products that go into Norden conversions day to day.

Norden engineering and design team are involved in the development of new products on a daily basis, we work closely with our patent attorneys and other multidiscipline engineering groups to take products from concept to market.

Norden engineering conducts internal and external product testing to meet all the state and federal automotive transportation standards and regulations.

Norden Engineering team supports all expects of the Norden business:

Norden sales and marketing team are supported by:

  • Direct interaction with the customer to understand their specialised need
  • ​Calculations to determine the safety of their vehicle conversion
  • Vehicle floor plan layouts for customer approval
  • All technical questions from both internal and external customers

Norden production and purchasing team are supported with:

  • Production ready drawings and instructions
  • Updating products and design’s when required
  • All modifications to meet the regulatory Approvals

Norden Hydraulics division are supported with:

  • Production ready drawings for quotations
  • Customer required drawings
  • Technical support for contracts

Norden engineering have evolved over the years both in technology and skills to support wide range of projects that is required by a wide range customer base and it will continue to evolve.

Please view some of the testing our engineering group have been involved with.