Aflex Hose

Aflex Hose

Since pioneering the concept of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) hose more than 30 years ago, Aflex Hose have designed and manufactured custom built hoses to cope with the most difficult operations. Major chemical, pharmaceutical and food companies worldwide are benefiting from the painstaking research and development invested by Aflex Hose. Convoluted or smoothbore, Aflex Hose has the ultimate PTFE lined flexible hose range available. 

Not only does PTFE hose have extremely high chemical resistance it can also withstand extreme temperatures of up to 260°C (500°F). With these features PTFE hose is the best possible lining material for flexible hoses in a wide range of fluid flow applications including automotive, aerospace and chemical fluids transfer. 

From turbocharger oil feed hose in use on more than 1 million production cars, to brake hose used on millions of cars, ATV’s and motorbikes, Aflex Hose product range outperforms the rest. 

The need for increased levels of durability, flexibility and high temperature resistance in automotive applications is being met by the unique Aflex Hose product range, custom designed for automotive use. 


Seamless extruded PTFE tube is heat treated to produce the best quality PTFE lining possible, ensuring minimum porosity and maximum flexibility. 304 Stainless Steel wire external braid, giving minimum expansion/contraction under pressure. An extensive range available in:


  • Double braid hose. - For higher pressures
  • Anti static PTFE lining. - Electrically resistive fluids
  • High pressure gas hose. - Gases up to 400 bar
  • External braid options. - 316 S/S, Monel, Kevlar or Polyester
  • External hose covers. - Hytrel, PVC, Polyamide or Polyolefin
  • Electrically trace heated. - Insulated for use with hot melt adhesives 

Hydraline is a medium walled PTFE tube to suit standard hydraulic fittings. Available with a natural or anti-static lining among 3 revolutionary designs:

  • Hydraline SB - Seamless extruded PTFE tube with 304 Stainless Steel wire braid.
  • Hydraline V - Flexible and kink resistant convoluted tube with 304 Stainless Steel wire braid.
  • Hydraline FX The future of hose is here today:
  • Internal smoothbore
  • External convolutions.
  • Easy to assemble
  • High flow rates
  • Kink resistant
  • High flexibility in one hose.
  • Optional with 304 S/S, Polypropylene or Kevlar® braid, with EPDM, silicone, PVC or Nylon cover.

Bioflex has a smoothbore PTFE liner with the flexibility of a convoluted hose. This unique design is achieved by comprising integral rib sections and highly compressed web sections, supporting the tube against kinking, vacuum and pressure, while giving a smoothbore inner surface.

  • PTFE lined and flared end fittings, providing clean, full bore flow through the end fitting, without entrapment points.
  • Increased flow rates, pressure ratings and gas permeation resistance compared to standard convoluted PTFE hoses.
  • Available with a choice of braids, external protection, end fittings, electrical trace heating or steam heating. 

The benchmark in convoluted flexible PTFE hose. Corroflon's superiority is with it's design and build quality, which guarantees a long, safe and reliable service life.

  • Better cleanability and drainability than any other convoluted PTFE hose.
  • Convoluted angles at a shallow 120°, compared to 45° in other designs.
  • Fully kink and vacuum resistant at high temperatures.
  • External helical reinforcement wire ensuring maximum strength, flexibilty and cleanability.