Disability Sport & Recreation

Disability Sport & Recreation

The commitment Norden delivers to the marketplace also extends to our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Norden believes in a strong community network and this is driven from the very top and thoroughly supported throughout our business. 

Disability Sport & Recreation is the health-promoting peak organisation for the disability sport and recreation sector in Victoria.

Our mission is to provide and promote positive health outcomes for Victorians with disability through participation in sport and recreation.

Disability Sport & Recreation is a registered disability service provider, state sporting association, TAC community group program provider and a registered charity.

The generous donations and support of the Victorian community mean we are able to continue nearly 50 years of work supporting Victorians with disability.

We exist to ensure Victorians with disability have equal opportunities to take part in the sport and recreation activities they’d like to participate in.

We work in partnership and consult with Victorians with disability, carers, volunteers, sport and recreation sector representatives, disability service organisations, schools, researchers, health professionals, government, philanthropic organisations and community groups to fulfil our mission.