RV room slides

RV room slides

Power Gear Slide Out System

Below floor room slide system and above floor room slide system.
The Power Gear Slide out System is a rack and pinion design operated by a 12 Volt DC electric motor. It consists of four major components:

  • Inner rail assemblies are designed to support the room weight
  • A 12 volt DC gear motor will operate the room using power from the on-board unit battery
  • Slide out systems are equipped with a manual override that allows you to extend / retract the room in the event of loss of power
  • A specially designed control that gives the user full control of the room movement, in or out. The control has a load sensing capability that stops the motor when the room reaches its fully extended or retracted positions.

Power Gear room slide out system come in different configurations depending on the weight of the room and the distance you want to extend the room. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 

Operations Manual

Room slide accessories

Electric travel locks, room floor rollers and room seals.