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Friday, 26 September 2014

Power Packer Hydraulic System

Power-Packer makes hydraulic systems for lifting, leveling, stabilizing, tilting and latching mobile equipment.

The range stocked by Norden Hydraulic Connections includes landing legs, stabilization legs, cab latch systems, as well as cab and tilt systems.

Norden Hydraulic Connections started off around 50 years ago as commercial truck body builders and so understand the need for high quality components for applications in the transport industry.


Power-Packer hydraulic pumps are efficient, safe and versatile pumps that satisfy many actuation requirements.

The pumps can be used on trucks, trailers, off-road equipment, material handling equipment, and numerous other applications.

Hand pumps feature tamper-proof flow control in return lines, swivel beam operation, screened ports, built-in pressure relief, and 35 or 65 cubic inch reservoirs.

Air-powered pumps feature manual override, operate on 60-120 psi (4.1-8.3 bar) air supply and are three times faster than hand pumps and require no manual effort. There are no electric motors, wiring or spark hazards. A swivel air inlet allows use of shop lines or hand pumps.

Electric pumps feature 12 or 24 VDC input, integrated motor, control, and manual override, push button switch assembly and internal thermal overload.


Power-Packer hydraulic cylinders are single or double-acting and come in various rod end and base mounting configurations, they have optional internal tamper-proof velocity fuses or built-in flow control.

Bonnet assists feature an internal spring-mechanism that hold the bonnet in the open position even in wind or uneven terrain and substantially reduces the effort required to open or close bonnets.

Stabilizing legs

Power-Packer stabilizing legs use a design that incorporates safety, longevity and performance which results in the rod up, tube-in-tube design providing complete isolation of the rod and seals from external damage from rocks, dust, debris, so less money is spent on repairs.

Landing gear

Power-Packer's air-powered hydraulic landing gear eliminates the back-breaking, hand cranking typical of other landing gear. Instead, you load, unload and move with ease and efficiency.


Power-Packer hydraulic valves optimize the use of the hydraulic leg assemblies. These integral flow control valves provide controlled actuation and the configuration options allow up to eight valve sections to be assembled. 


For further information: Greg Allsop Sales Manager Norden Hydraulic Connections Phone: ​(03) 9793 2515 Mobile: ​0408 005 899 Email: grega@norden.com.au 

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