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Friday, 26 September 2014

Snap-tite's 75 Series coupling

Snap-tite’s 75 Series coupling is designed and made for high-pressure hydraulic service.

These couplings are engineered to be used in heavy-duty applications with mobile equipment, oil and gas drilling, cranes, reels, pumps and power tools as well as water transfer lines and power units.

Connection is through a screw together style designed to shut off automatically under normal conditions in both the coupler and nipple halves when the unit is disconnected.

The rugged design and high strength materials means the units can be used in abusive situations.

Units are available in stainless steel or steel with Zinc Trivalent Chromate plating that resists corrosion. A choice of seal materials means the 75 Series is able to handle a variety of applications including the use of fire-resistant fluids.

Snap-Tite Series 75 are available in Firesafe versions as specified in API 160 and EUB directive #36 for use of Blow Out Prevention (BOP) circuits.
Snap-Tite Series 59 is a Thread-to-Connect Quick Disconnect coupling that allows connection and disconnection while under pressure due to its threaded design and patented internal valve system.

This series is ideal for any pulsing or hammering equipment as it is impulse resistant plus an optional snap lock feature is available if pulsating flows tend to unscrew couplings due to hose flex.

Back-pressure is low and heat generation is kept to a minimum and the coupling is a no-spill, drybreak, flat-faced design that keeps the workplace free of spillage.

The unique Acme thread fully connects in one-third the turns of similar couplers while remaining extremely dirt tolerant.

The Snap-tite 59 Series Thread-to-Connect Quick Disconnect has been designed to solve many coupling issues particularly while used in horizontal boring machines, small excavators and backhoes, crawler cranes, hydraulic pump sets and top drives on drilling rigs.

It has up to 550 bar (8000 psi) working pressure and comes in ¾”, 1” and 1¼” sizes.

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