Power-Packer Hydraulic Pumps

Power-Packer Hydraulic Pumps

Power-Packer Hydraulic Pumps

Power-Packer’s specialty pumps can be used for a variety of applications, including cab tilt systems and some military equipment. Power-Packer’s complete line of specialty pumps are available in three different versions so our customers can find the optimal design for their application and price point. We have a high quality standard hand pump, an Air-Powered version that requires no manual effort and works faster than the standard hand pump, and also an electric pump which works with the push of a button.

Power-Packer Hydraulic Pump Features & Benefits

Features Benefits

Hand Pump Features:

  • Relief Valve Settings (factory set): 3200-4800 psi (220.6-331.0 bar)
  • Max Operating pressure (depending on pump): 3600-5000 psi (248.3-344.8 bar)
  • Plunger Diameter: .56, .69, .75 in. (14.2, 17.5, 19.05 mm)
  • Volume/Stroke: .24, .37, .44 cu. in. (3.9, 6.1, 7.2 cu. cm)
  • Pump return orifice diameter: .018 in. (.46 mm)

Hand Pump Units feature tamper-proof flow control in return lines, swivel-beam operation, screened ports, built-in pressure relief, and 35 or 65 cubic inch reservoirs.

Air-powered Pump Features:

  • Max Operating Pressure: 3,000/5,000 psi (206.9 – 344.8 bar)
  • Air Consumption: 12 SCFM
  • Oil Flow:
    • At 100 psi (6.9 bar) 27 or 44 cu. in.
    • At 4500 or 3000 psi (at 442.8 or 721.6 cu. cm at 310.3 or 206.9 bar)
  • Hand Pump Plunger Diameter: .56/.69 in. (14.2/17.5 mm)
  • Hand Pump Displacement: .24/.37 cu. in. per stroke (3.9/6.1 cu. cm per stroke)

Air-powered pumps feature a manual override, and operate on 60-120 psi (4.1-8.3 bar) air supply. The air-powered pump is almost three times faster than our standard hand pump and requires no manual effort. Because there is no electric motor, there is no wiring or spark hazard. The swivel air inlet allows operators the use of a shop line or hand pump.

Electric Pumps Features:

  • Max Operating Pressure: 3,500 psi (241.4 bar)
  • Oil Flow 12/24 VDC: 25/44 cu. in./min at 3000 psi (410/721 cu. cm/207 bar)
  • Hand Pumps Plunger Diameter: .56/.69 in. (14.2/17.5 mm)
  • Hand Pump Displacement: .24/.37 cu. in. per stroke (3.9/6.1 cu. cm per stroke)
  • Reservoir Capacity: 35/65 cu. in. (573.5/1065.1 cu. cm)
  • Max Amp Draw: 36/44 amps at 3000 psi (206.9 bar)

Offered in two versions as a 12 or 24 VDC input, our electric pumps feature an integrated motor, control, and manual override along with a push button switch assembly for convenience and easy operation. Finally, each electric pump is equipped with internal thermal overload, enhancing safety.