332 & 598 Series Hoses

We have added the popular AQP® Socketless™ hose to our range. This hose has an elastomer tuber, textile braid reinforcement with a rough elastomer outer cover.

This hose is not recommended for use with unleaded fuels or use in high pressure application or suction systems.

This hose is suitable for use with synthetic lubricants, oils, air, coolant and methanol. 331 has a BLUE outer cover and 598 has a BLACK outer cover.

  • Uses: Fuel lines (methanol only), Low Pressure/Temperature Oil Systems & Coolant Systems,
  • Compatibility: Methanol, Water and Oil
  • Restrictions: Not recommended for sure with unleaded fuels and ethanol blends as it is known to allow the permeation of fuel smell through the layers as well as excessively reducing the life of the rubber compound.
  • Not to be used with brake fluids
  • Not recommended for use around extreme heat sources such as turbochargers

AQP® and Socketless™ are registered trademarks of Eaton.