Fuel Line Kits

What is a fuel line kit?

Fuel line kits are used to supply fuel to float bowls on carburettored engines for vehicles such as cars and boats.

Often when changing the type of carburetor or upgrading to an aftermarket carby, or even when replacing an old or worn carburettor it is necessary to use a new fuel line assembly. Sometimes it is a matter of replacing a worn fuel delivery system due to deterioration from fuels and is a worthwhile investment.


What type of fuel line kits do Norden Hydraulics have?

Norden Hydraulics stocks Speedflow fuel line kits use mainly on V8 and some V6 engines running carburetors, these lines are for use in carburetors that have two float bowls and suit Holley, Demon, Quick Fuel Technology and some other branded carburetors.

The fuel line kits are manufactured using 200 series Antistatic PTFE hose being the best-suited hose for fuel applications with a 304 stainless steel cover available in silver or black, the hose ends come in either blue & black, black or custom anodizing.

As different hoses are suited to differing fuel types and applications please refer to hose pages to determine the hose suited to your application.

As an example 100 series hose in a fuel situation is not recommended for use with unleaded and ethanol blends fuels, however it is compatible with methanol and some other fuels. If in doubt please contact the specialists at Norden Hydraulics as using the incorrect fuel hose can lead to dangerous situations.


Why use a pre-made fuel line kit?

It is true you can put together your own fuel line kits from the individual parts available on the Norden Hydraulics shopping cart, and in some instances, this will be the best option depending on the carburettor or fuel intake system.

However, if you have a standard fitment to a dual bowl Holley, Demon, Quick Fuel Technology or other similar carburettor this is a simple and quick alternative that’s ready to fit.

Speedflow’s popular carburettor kits are available to suit Holley, Demon, Quick Fuel Technology and other branded carburettors. We have a choice of hose styles including our new 200 series kits, 100 Series Braided and 120 Series Start-Lite®. We have red & blue or black fittings as a standard option with custom colours available by special order. For information on correct hose application please refer to the hoses section.