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How do hydraulic adapters work?

As the name suggests, an adapter is used when you need to make changes to a system, changes that were not initially considered in its original design.

For instance, if you have changed the fuel system in a car from one type of carburettor to another or to Electronic Fuel injection (EFI) you may have to ensure the new fuel line can mate properly with the new carburetor or fuel system. The current hydraulic hose end may not be the correct size, shape or have the correct bend to fit. Rather than replace an entire line it may be easier to buy an adapter to do the job.

For an adapter to work properly it must be the correct fit at both ends or the fluid under pressure will escape or it will not flow at the correct rate, that is unless you need to increase or decrease the flow rate in which you may be able to source an adapter to do that. It is important therefore, to consider the application and specifications required. If in any doubt contact the experts at Norden Hydraulics.


What kind of hydraulic adapters are there?

Norden Hydraulics has a huge range of Speedflow adapters available.

Female swivel adapters, Tees & Y-Blocks: To help join, adapt or split male fittings to any angle in any situation. Common uses for these are joining fuel pumps to tanks or filters and join scavenge filters to sumps but there are endless applications and uses for these versatile adapters. Norden stocks black, red, blue, or red & blue anodized aluminium adapters in this range.

Female Swivel Adapters Y-Blocks And Tee's

Fuel pump, power steer & oil flare adapters: To suit standard fuel pumps, filters, transmission adapters, power steering pumps and racks along with other specialised adapters to suit a wide variety or automotive applications.

EFI Adapters: For converting standard OEM fuel rails, tanks or fuel lines to an AN/JIC adapter.

Carburettor Adapters: To suit a wide variety of carburettors including Holley, Demon, Quick Fuel Technology, Carter and more. These designs may eliminate clearance issues that some carburettors encounter with certain styles of adapters. Available in blue or black anodized aluminium.

Carburettor Adapters

Metric Adapters: Which are becoming more and more common in today’s modern high performance hose and fittings industry.

BSPP Adapters: BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel) is commonly found in older English vehicles in engine blocks, oil pumps, fuel filters and oil filters. BSPP is also found in some Australian and Asian vehicles. Norden’s range is in anodized red aluminium.

NPT Adapters: NPT stands for National Pipe Taper, and is the most common US standard for pipe fittings. NPT male adapters have a taper thread that wedges into the female NPT adapter. Norden NPT adapters are available in straight, 45 and 90 degree bends, they are also available as Tee adapters

200 Series adapters: Norden Hydraulics has a wide range of adapters which are most often used with gauges, brake calipers, clutch or brake master cylinders. These are available in steel and aluminium depending on the application, and are available in NPT, BSPT, metric and imperial sizes. Some are straight, some Tee, or 90 degrees. This series also has restrictors, tube nuts and replacement olives.

200 Series Adapters Components

600 Series adapters and turbo flanges: In the 600 series Norden has a range of adapters for a variety of different uses such as poppet valves, check valves, relief valves, ball valves, BSPP male and female tube adapters, temperature probe adapters and turbocharger adapters.

600 Series Adapters Components And Turbo Flanges

700 series adapters: These adapters are to suit standard fuel pumps, filters, transmission adapters, power steering pumps and racks, along with specialised adapters to suit a wide variety of automotive applications. Also, available in this a range are EFI fittings to convert OEM fuel rails, tanks or fuel lines to an AN/JIC adapter.

700 Series Adapters Components

800 Series adapters: This range of Norden adapters includes bulkhead fittings for use when you want to pass through a fire wall, tank, panel, fuel cell or a vehicle bulkhead. The bulkhead fitting seals off an area with the use of the jam nut. There is no need for grommets and passing long lengths of hose through the vehicle. Also, available in this series are a number of plugs including O-ring plugs, metric plugs, NPT plugs, flare plugs, and plastic plugs and caps, Tee adapters, and NPT to male flare adapters in straight, 45 degree and 90 degrees.

800 Series Adapters Components

900 Series adapters: A range of anodized aluminium adapters in Tee, 90 degrees, 45 degrees and run on adapters, as well as reducing bushes, filter sump adapters, water pump adapters, bulkhead nuts, plugs, flare reducers and flare expanders. The most common uses for these are dry sump pumps, fuel rails, regulators, fuel pumps and fuel filters.

900 Series Adapters Components